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An Interagency Research and Development Committee for Safer Ship Structures
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Principal Members

RDML Wayne R. Arguin Jr., U.S. Coast Guard
SSC Co-Chairman

Rear Admiral Arguin serves as the Assistant Commandant for Prevention Policy overseeing three Coast Guard directorates: Commerical Regulations and Standards, Inspections and Compliance, and Marine Transportation Systems. (MORE)

RDML Jason Lloyd, U.S. Navy
SSC Co-Chairman

Rear Admiral Lloyd is the current Chief Engineer and Deputy Commander for Ship Design, Integration and Naval Engineering. (MORE)

Mr. Jeffrey Lantz, USCG Commercial Vessel Engineering

Mr. Lantz is Director, Commercial Regulations and Standards (CG-5PS). His responsibilities include the development of U.S. national maritime safety and environmental protection regulations and policies, and overseeing U.S. initiatives in the development of international maritime safety, security, and environmental protection standards. (MORE)

Mr. Michael Haycock, USCG Fleet Engineering

Mr. Haycock, Deputy Assistant Commandant for Engineering & Logistics (CG-4D). His responsibilities include for overseeing all naval, civil, aeronautical, and industrial engineering, logistics, and environmental and energy management programs for the Coast Guard's $22 billion capital plant which includes 23,000 facilities, 250 ships, 1,800 boats, and 200 aircraft. (MORE)

Dr. Gareth Burton, American Bureau of Shipping

Dr. Burton is Vice President, Technology with the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS). In this role he is responsible for ongoing research and development efforts completed by ABS. (MORE)

Mr. H. Paul Cojeen, SNAME T&R Steering Committee

Mr. Cojeen represents SNAME and is an active member on the society's T&R Steering Committee, as well as the Committees on Hull Structures, Hull Instrumentation, and Ship Controllability. He is a retiree of the U.S. Coast Guard after 28 years of distinguished service, and currently volunteers on the CG Retiree Council and as mentor at the Naval Academy in Annapolis. (MORE)

Dr. Thomas C. Fu, Office of Naval Research

Dr. Fu is the Director of the Ship Systems and Engineering Research Division Sea Warfare and Weapons Department Office of Naval Research (ONR). He is responsible for research programs advancing hull, mechanical and electrical systems, as well as the National Naval Responsibiity for Naval Engineering. (MORE)

Mr. Kevin Kohlmann, Maritime Administration

Mr. Kevin Kohlmann is the Director of Safety at the Maritime Administration in which he identifies safety issues for the maritime industry and recommends changes. (MORE)

Mr. Mark Lattner, Naval Sea Systems Command

Mr. Lattner is the Director, Technical Domain Manager and Deputy Warranting Officer, for Ship Integrity and Performance Engineering (SEA 05P) in the Naval Sea System Command, Naval Systems Engineering Directorate.(MORE)

Mr. Luc Tremblay, Transport Canada

Mr. Tremblay is the Executive Director, Domestic Vessel Regulatory Oversight & Boating Safety for Transport Canada.

Dr. Malcolm Smith, Defence Research and Development Canada

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Mr. Neil Lichtenstein, Military Sealift Command

Mr. Lichtenstein serves as the Deputy Director N7x, Engineering Directorate.

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