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Project Selection Procedure

The Committee evaluates and scores project ideas each year based on certain focus areas. Those focus areas are decided based on the interests of the member agencies. The projects that address pertinent issues within focus areas will be scored highest. Of all the projects evaluated, the TOP TEN are published here and represent the pool of projects member agencies can back. Those projects in the TOP TEN that are not funded are automatically added to the pool of ideas for the following year's voting, and the authors will be given a chance to update/revise them as necessary.

The projects that were selected in the most recent voting year are listed below. If you have a project that you would like considered by the Committee, subscribe to our mailing list to receive updates on the solicitation process. Project proposals are typically solicited in the November-January timeframe.

2021 TOP TEN Projects, in order of voting:
1. 21-01 Strength of Welded Aluminum in Tension
2. 21-02 Recommendations for Revisions to Guidelines for Inspection and Repair of Steel Hulls
3. 21-13 Localized weld repair of fatigue-cracked and/or corrosion-damaged aluminum structures
4. 21-08 Predictive Maintenance of Ship Structural Details
5. 21-06 System-Level Fatigue Reliability Assesment
6. 21-14 Design and In-Service Considerations of Aluminum Sensitization on High Speed Vessel
7. 21-03 Low temperature steel selection
8. 21-07 Application of a reliability-based design loads generator (DLG) to determine hull pressure forces for use in finite element models
9. 21-12 In Situ Digital Repair of Sensitized Aluminum Structures in Marine Environments
10. 21-10 Extraction of real-time, full-field dynamic stress and strain using finite element model information and limited sets of measured data for vessel structural health monitoring

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