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Effect of Welded Properties on Aluminum Structures

A description of the project.s background, objective, scope, expectations and deliverables.


Aluminum, being lightweight, strong, rust resistant, and easily formidable, has been used in shipbuilding for many years. However, it also has some inherent short comings such as low melting point, hard to weld, deforms easily, etc. In addition, there is little engineering data on areas such as crack initiation, fatigue fracture characteristics, effect of welding on the strength of the welded aluminum structures and so on. The project.s goals are to review up-to-date research on the reduction in structural strength due to welding and provide a basis for the design of aluminum structures that will minimize the penalty on scantling selection that the reduced strength in weld regions requires. The project calls for comparing the experimental data gathered by Prof. J. K. Paik, et al, in SSC Report 451 titled .Mechanical Collapse Testing on Aluminum Stiffened Panels for Marine Applications.


An online bulletin board to with pre-set threads to discuss the Statement of Work, Kick-off Meeting, Interim Reporting, and Final Reporting. The forum is moderated by the project chair. Access to comment on and edit documents in the forum is restricted to PTC members however members of the public are welcome to view all postings.

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Additional related documents not already posted in the forum.

Project Technical Committee (PTC) Members

Committee members who have volunteered to assist in the project.
Name Position Affiliation
Kimngoc Tran Chair NAVSEA/NSWC
Harold Reemsnyder Member Bethlehem Steel (Retired)
Christina Wang Member American Bureau of Shipping
Pramod Dash Member Hindustan University
Derek Novak Member American Bureau of Shipping
Natasa Kowarski Member Transport Canada
Raymond Kramer Member Raytheon
Stephan Billian Member Lockheed Martin
Gopal Magadi Member American Bureau of Shipping
Gerard Mercier Member NSWCCD
Raju Rajendran Member BARC Facilities
Daniel Hoffman Member AMCS Corporation
Leon Cheng Member Defence Research Development Canada


Name and contact information of the contracting organization and principal investigator.

Dr. Sensharma
BMT Designers & Planners
2120 Washington Boulevard, Suite 200
Arlington, VA 22204


Member agencies that have provided financial and in kind contributions to this project.

Office of Naval Research (ONR):   $60,000
American Bureau of Shipping:   $20,000
Society of Navel and Mechanical Engineers:  $20,000
U.S. Maritime Administration Office of Naval Research (ONR):   Contracting Services
NAVSEA's Carderock Division:   Technical Oversight

Duration :

Expected project timeline.

Kick off February 2009
Expected Completion:   February 2010